Creating each piece


This beautiful one of a kind piece was created with the acacia tree in mind and was the first piece designed when creating this collection.

Standing strong and resilient in a ruthless dry desert is nothing short of magnificent, much like many woman we all know. How it grabs all of your attention without even trying, contributing it’s part in a harsh but vital ecosystem, not demanding any praise or recognition. 


So much more than just your ordinary one piece. She might seem like the rest but once you get closer you know she is one of a kind, true to her natural element while making you feel very much at home with yourself. This is our only piece made from special recycled terry toweling, soft stretchy and very durable. Perfect for a sunset ocean swim or even as an everyday bodysuit when paired with your favorite jeans.


The most iconic desert that comes to mind when thinking of endless sand dunes filled with mystery. Every woman has that classic black swim in her closet, whether it's a bikini or a one piece, in our case - it’s both. Rebellious at the back but still classy at the front, feeling comfortable all day long when going on your next adventure. Yes, the beach is also an adventure if you make it one.


Definitely our most adventures piece, she can be who ever she wants depending on her mood. Wear her as a one piece when searching for your next thrill or a two piece when relaxing after a blazing hot day. She will be your go to on those days that start just like any other and turn to a wild story at the end.


A beautiful blend of ruthless dry and hot conditions with endless trees and wildlife. Our Savanna one piece gives us that same feeling of balance. Elegant and neutral while still showing off a little hint of edge and adventure.


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