Creating PERE

PERE- meaning wilderness or wild, something naturally untamed and raw. This is where the story starts. 

PERE was initially created with a need, a need for swimwear that isn't your trendy, small, two piece bikini - but also isn't that basic One Piece that covers you up a little too much. We wanted something that can show off our feminine figure, offer comfort while traveling without compromising our unique identity and style. 

All our pieces were designed from scratch, giving us full control over every centimeter during the pattern making process.

We stayed true to one-pieces but gave them the extra edge a bikini would usually provide us using cut outs at the waist and exposed backs.

All our pieces are high rise, providing a beautiful flow with your hips and legs followed by minimal coverage and low necklines that can still support your bust.


PERE aims to be your solution to a free and wild adventure without compromising unique designer style, while always keeping in mind our planet and the people in the making process.

Read more about our fabrics and sustainability here.

Much love




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